Wednesday, May 1, 2019

MWO Tactics ( ) now updated with ISC maps.

In preparation for the next major MWO comp tournament, the MWO Tactics map tool (which you can find here) has now been updated with the necessary 3 cap conquest maps.

Good luck and have fun to all the participating teams!

Martial Olympiad Reborn: Season 1 Champions

Before we speak about the teams that won I would like to take this time to offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the following people:

Red Imp - Set up and converting the map strat package to work with MWO -
Small Baguette - Setting up and creating the website -
Capn Cat - For creating all of the MOR & MWO Comp logos 
Cozened Indigo - For the amazing work with the incoming missile podcast and statistics collection 
Bombadil/Tina and PGI - For the ongoing support and promotion of MWO comp. 
Kurlon - For setting up the caster tools and helping everyone work it out

On behalf of the Admins and player-base thank you so much for your ongoing work. If you are feeling generous, Contact them and buy them a pizza or a mech pack. You can also give one-off payments to the Incoming Missile Podcast

Division A EU Winners

1st Jaguar Guards

JGx began as an off-shoot to CSJx by now P A S H A at the turn of 2015. It contained a sizeable Asia-Pacific roster at the time in addition to a few North American and several European players. The unit began building cohesion under a newly released faction play mode where it built its reputation as a competent fighting force. After a casual hiatus, JGx entered its first competitive season in MRBC for Season 6. The unit made a name for itself quickly as a top contender for the Asia-Pacific region upon securing 1st place for consecutive seasons from 6 through 8.

With the help of D A T A's leadership and a sizable Italian contingent, JGx was able to maintain its supremacy as a top-performer in the region. Additional competitions under Battle for Midway only crystalized this perception after JGx secured first place positions in seasons 1 and 2. The greatest challenges were yet to come. The world World Championships of 2016 were announced and JGx were positioned to secure the Asia-Pacific bracket. However, the team was later disqualified under a controversial internal issue and were prevented from advancement. After the 2016 debacle, many Asia-Pacific players retired or went into a more casual status. 

However, a strong core within maintained fierce competitive aspirations and continued activity throughout 2016 and into 2017. The 2017 World Championships proved more fruitful for JGx after having pushed into the semi-finals but fell short of securing a spot to compete in the Vancouver. A new Battle for Midway season 3 was announced and JGx quickly sought the opportunity to maintain its competitive edge. It had secured 1st place once again however eyes were still cast upon the World Championships.

With the announcement of the 2018 World Championships, JGx recalled its pilots and began training more vigorously than before. Its roster had changed having shifted from a more Asia-Pacific player base to incorporating more Italian pilots in addition to acquiring Krasnopesky; a key addition who helped organise and lead JGx's light squad. After a spectacular performance, JGx went on to defeat another world-class team in consecutive matches to secure a finals position to Vancouver and competed live to place 3rd in the world. 

To this day, JGx maintains a strong competitive spirit and fierce resilient attitude seeking future competitive play and success.

Division B EU Winners

Majestic 12

It has been a fantastic MoR season for us that goes beyond our own expectation. MJ12 had not been in the comp for a while. Our EU team was brand new, most of us were first-timers with only couple of comp-level pilots with serious experience. 

We got destroyed in our first scrim, it was really an eye-opener of how competitive teams could be. But we got up again. Our strength comes from our commitment to learn and improve. We trained. We gave each other feedbacks - both positive as well as points of improvement. 

We wanted to be better. We are now looking forward to build upon these great results and keen to participate in upcoming tournaments. We'd love to see Majestic 12 flag flying high.

Fun facts: 

Blame Taco for everything. 

Do not blame LeveL for anything, or else ... dramatic scenes will unfold. (just kidding) 

Keep Texan alive, at all cost. 

We are not happy that we got little air time on streams - we wanted to be on TV! 

Do not let Horseman sing, ever - We loved AC2 Peeps till the end of times. 

from the crazy people who helped me look over the records of that season.

Division A NA Winners


EmP: 2x World Champs, 2nd Place x1
Dominate across many leagues, in various formats.
Players in the US, Canada, and Finland

Division B NA Winners

White Knight Army

I founded the unit White Knight Army as a unit to gather together players that want to get better, but not under an intense environment. Even new players I recruited. It's multinational at the moment, smaller numbers, mostly casual players. The comp team, White Knight Legion represents the fact that there are multiple people from different places and units, as Legion references "we are many, we are one" and the fact that it's a Roman soldier. The whole White Knight thing evolved from the fact that paladins look badass.

Division C NA Winners

Diamond Shark Alpha Galaxy Command Cluster

Diamond Shark Alpha Galaxy Command Cluster was formed to compete in MOR8 consisting of primarily US and Canadian players that participated in past MRBC tournaments, Since Clan Cluster's formation they have completed one season of MOR8 Div C ending in a points draw with Dropship 4 and plan to participate in the upcoming ISC tournament moving forward as well as any future MOR8 seasons

Division D NA Winners

Black Aces

The Black Aces are a competitive group formed out of The Aces Wild's Third Battalion. Founded on the principal of "Play to win, don't live to play", they take pride in their culture of support and encouragement. Having previously completed two competitive tournaments finishing 2nd place and then 1st place in their division, the Black Aces are on the rise as a formidable force in the lower tier of the competitive scene.

Winning Team Stats 

DivisionWinning TeamMechs KilledTeam KDAvg. Match ScoreAvg. DamageDrop Rate Success
EU Div A 1st1st Jaguar Guards1791.2225.5318.072%
EU Div A 2ndEONtatoes1951.6237351.969%
EU Div B 1stMajestic 121832256.7368.088%
EU Div B 2ndFuria1351.1234.9349.360%
NA Div A 1stEmpreayL2352246.6357.683%
NA Div A 2ndBlack Omen1691.4230.4325.157%
NA Div B 1stWhite Knight Legion1821.2217.8321.757%
NA Div B 2ndSmoke Adders 373rd2071.7236.2335.157%
NA Div C 1stDSAG Command Cluster1641.8267.1358.273%
NA Div C 2ndDropship 41741.9251.3364.472%
NA Div D 1stAces Wild Black Aces1712.2250355.588%
NA Div D 2nd228th Death From Below1541.8240.3331.175%
TournamentAll Teams44851.0218.4317.050%

Winning TeamFavourite MapFavourite MechTop Assault PilotTop Heavy PilotTop Medium PilotTop Light Pilot
1st Jaguar GuardsTourmaline DesertASN-21P A S H AD A T AGhogielKrasnopesky
EONtatoesMining CollectiveVL-5TJay ZLizzeedenAirwalkerrrDa Red Goes DA FASTA
Majestic 12Frozen CityWHK-PRIMEtacorodwarriorTexan Scrub LordTexan Scrub Lordocular tb
FuriaSolaris CityASN-21Freo19Black DreamerFreo19Black Dreamer
EmpreayLRubelitte OasisWLF-2Chimera_Bows3rCelythCelyth
Black OmenFrozen City Night (Classic)VL-5TLizzeeK O N D ONavid A1B l a k e t o w N
White Knight LegionMining CollectiveVL-5TDrop BearBrauerTiy0sTexan Scrub Lord
Smoke Adders 373rdFrozen City Night (Classic)ASN-23unFearingcrimsonshad0wMcgral18Mcgral18
DSAG Command ClusterCanyon NetworkSMN-Mmk2Deaths RiddleSolzenSolzen
Dropship 4Viridian BogASN-21YingYangSpinnyThangYingYangSpinnyThangSovietArmadaPilot_Error
Aces Wild Black AcesAlpine PeaksMCII-BAlex545KeldabeskiKeldabeskiTxAce
228th Death From BelowFrozen CityMCII-BWhiskeyTangoFox007ChortlesOberfuhrerChortles
All TeamsCanyon NetworkMCII-BtacorodwarriorTexan Scrub LordSovietArmadaChortles
1. Mechs Killed refers to actual kills by the team, not opposition teams kills or suicides
2. K/D is derived from how many you killed against how many times you died
3. Average damage and match score will be across pilots that played and stats submitted for, not the whole roster
4. Drop rate success is how many drops you won compared to how many you played (draws don't count as a win)
5. The favourite map is the map where the team averaged the highest match score (a proxy for the map they did the 'best' on)
6. Favourite mech is the variant used most often in total by the team

The Carry

The best of the best (please log a job to claim your MC)

KMDDThe PlagueTexan Scrub Lord331000MC
KillsThe ReaperMcgral18331000MC
DamageThe WeaponChimera_83191000MC
AssistsThe Creepy Uncleastinius771000MC
Team DamageThe RecklessFalkenhayn561500MC
ComponentsThe ShredderMcgral18771000MC

Totals are calculated by taking the ten highest scores made in that category across 10 different drops played in the tournament, all for the same team.
The categories aren't linked, so that ten highest Kill Assists you made, could come from different drops than the ten highest Kills you made.
A minimum of ten drops is required.

Season One MVP

Texan Scrub Lord - Majestic 12

Team Damage202

Monday, April 29, 2019

MOR - 2019 Fashion on the field - Proudly sponsored by Comstar HPG 'A’ Station

MOR - 2019 Fashion on the field - Proudly sponsored by Comstar HPG 'A’ Station 

1st Place 2000MC
2nd Place 1000MC